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In its first 25 years, THE GREEN EXPO® celebrates presenting solutions and technologies focused on strengthening the biological cycles and industrial cycles of our environment within an effective business showcase.

Today, we are in a juncture where we see the biological side of all the renewable resources humans take to transform into products and services that we as a society must try to return to the ecosystem without affecting their characteristics; on the other hand, there is the industrial cycle that takes finite resources to transform them into products and services that cannot be returned to the ecosystem, but it is necessary to seek their maximum reuse.

This concept is already a reality and is becoming increasingly more important. We must make the transition towards a Circular Economy which is based on zero waste, that is to say, completely recyclable, based on the principle of waste management through a sustainable linear flow: resource – product – recycled resource.

In Mexico and Latin America, THE GREEN EXPO® has been the center of important lines about sustainability, since its beginnings as a precursor of an idealistic concept until a reality of sustainable profitability.

25 years consolidating itself as the most important event creating an ideal environment to trigger business opportunities in multiple industries.